Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Quick Note On the Author

I'll get to the point. My blog here is simple. I'm no Jane Eyre, no Charles Dickens, or even Edgar Allan Poe. I'm a teenage girl with a love for writing. So that is what I do: write. Maybe not very well, but I like doing it, even if I don't have any readers. (Well you're reading it, hopefully. Or you're exiting out of this blog as quickly as possible to find the website you were actually looking for. That's fine too. I'll see that one person visited my blog, and I'll be content in my small little world.)

So, the title of this blog is Ten. That probably requires an explanation. With each post, I make lists, based on what I'm talking about. What I'll be writing about is information I'm not permitted to give.
                                                      DUN!!!!)  Just kidding. I always just write about weird random stuff (At least on here). But I wanted to sound cooler than I am, so.... You probably just thought I was some weird person when you read that, but I imagined myself with awesome aviator sunglasses, a fierce look, and a smooth, awesome voice when I wrote that. If you didn't imagine that... I'm sane, I promise. You'll get used to my odd humor, (or not, I'm not even sure my family gets it half the time.).

Another reason the blog is called Ten is because the number ten is the greatest number of all time. For a million reasons, but I won't go on too much about that. What my list  for this post will be about is me. I'll be brief. I know it's not super interesting reading about some person that you do not care about at all. (History Textbooks are a great example of this. Sorry, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Paine, and Haym Salomon and hundreds of other historical figures are awesome, and I don't loathe learning about them, but I don't exactly care about details of their life that aren't relevant to their accomplishments in life. Sorry.)

Anyways, the list:

  1. My favorite animals are dogs and elephants. I have a pinterest board for each of them. I once found a picture of a dog and elephant who were best friends. It was the best thing I had ever seen. I freaking love elephants and dogs. I could write a whole other post just explaining why they're the best, but I won't. For now, at least. 
  2. Since we're on the topic of animals, you should know I have a dog. Her name is Ada. She is a goldendoodle (but has black fur. People always tend to think she has golden fur. Sorry, just had to make sure that was clear.) She is one of the cutest things to ever walk on this planet. I love her to death. She is fluffy, nice, and loves food (Something we share in common. I can't cook like the rest of my family, but I can taste test everything pretty dang well.). She also likes chocolate, but we've actually never even given her any. She sometimes steals some. I'm surprised she isn't a million pounds yet. 
  3. Chocolate is the best thing in the world according to me. Wait, no. False. Chocolate, when combined with peanut butter, is the best thing on this planet. (Tillamook chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. THE BEST THING EVER.) Chocolate anything is awesome. I have seriously thought about a chocolate themed birthday party, where EVERYTHING was chocolate, but then I realized chocolate water might not be all that great. 
  4. I love reading. No, I don't only read cheesy romance novels, or pure Sci-Fi. Yes, I have read a bit of classic novels. Yes, I love Harry Potter (AND AM PROUD OF IT. If you have a problem with this or with anything Harry Potter related, please, contact me. Yeah, I realize I am a complete geek, and I'm proud of that too.)  (I am also Gryffindor, in case you were wondering.)  Harry Potter is the best. No. Question. But I do read a good variety of genres. I'm not restricted to one genre and one genre alone. (I actually have a favorite book for almost each genre. Yes, that includes non-fiction.) 
  5. I like art. No, that does not mean I can recreate the Mona Lisa in 5 minutes. I'm not all that great, but it's still fun. (Until, you know, I show my self portrait to my friends and they just say "...that's a" Just kidding it's still fun then too.)
  6. I play the flute. Yup, I'm a band geek. (Which is a little funny because I remember going to concerts before I got into middle school and saying "Psh. I'm NEVER doing band." But then a music was required for the first year in middle school (6th grade at the time). But, after finishing that year of school, we moved and at my new school 7th grade is the first year in middle school, so, yup. I had to take band again. I kept taking band for the next few years for a few reasons. So, here I am. STILL IN BAND. It's really not bad though. I actually kinda like it sometimes. Not on the days when I forget everything I've ever learned about music and my brain refuses to function, but I like it sometimes.) 
  7. I tend to daydream a lot. It's kinda bad, to be honest. I zone out all the time when I'm supposed to be paying attention. Somehow I still have all A's though. (I'm actually not exactly sure how, but I do.)
  8. I am extremely loyal. You insult anything I somewhat care about, you will go down. Just thought you should know that. 
  9. I have four sisters. I'm second to youngest. (And my dad is very proud to have 5 awesome daughters. He doesn't wish he had a son, because we are great.)  I love them all very much. Sometimes my little sister drives me slightly insane, but I still love her.
  10. I like learning. Yeah. I know I'm weird. I don't mind school, (if it weren't for the annoying kids I have to deal with, the homework, and the atrocious hour I have to wake up at, I'd love school... I think. Maybe I wouldn't be too fond of science or health or whatever, but I like most of my other classes). 
Anyways, that is a totally random list about me.Sorry if it wasn't brief enough.